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45 CAL .458 300 GR HP
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HORNADY 45 CAL .458 300 GR HP

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  • Our Price: $22.99

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    Hornady Rifle Bullet 458 Cal 300 Grain Hollow Point
    Item Number: 4500

    Hornady Rifle Bullet 458 Cal 300 Grain Hollow Point 50/BoxThe Hornady Interbond uses a proprietary bonding process that hold the core and jacket together no matter what the bullet encounters. Combine all that hard hitting power with the proven ballistic advantages of Hornady`s SST design and you have a super accurate bullet that delivers maximum energy right where you aim. The SST, engineered to shoot flatter, fly straighter, and hit harder delivers controlled expansion, superior weight retention, and massive shock for a clean quick kill. Features of the V-Max include a copper jacket that is designed to work with the tip to deliver incredible accuracy at long range and assist in dramatic expansion. All Hornady rifle bullets are available in a wide range of calibers and grain weights.

  • Bullet Type : Hollow Point
  • Caliber : 458
  • Weight : 300 gr
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