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  • Our Price: $1,499.99

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    What’s in the Box

    • LWRC 5.56 Rifle
    • (1) 30 Round Magpul Gen M2 Magazine
    • Magpul MIAD Pistol Grip Kit
    • Sight Adjustment Tool
    • Slip 2000 EWL Extreme Weapons Lubricant
    • LWRC Product Catalog
    • Owner’s Manual

    LWRC International, LLC provides reliable, accurate, and durable tools for the Warfighter, law enforcement officer and civilian shooter. Through innovative design, disciplined engineering, and the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and materials technologies, their products are tailored to fulfill the mission of the end user.

    The M6A2 rifle is a standard carbine available in various barrel lengths in 5.56mm NATO. The M6A2 rifle is ideal for those who utilize optical sights as it employs a low- profile gas block. There is no A-frame front sight to obscure the field of view of the optical device. The M6A2 rifle also features a longer midlength free float rail system with a removable return-to-zero top. Any M4 MIL Std 1913 accessory can be mounted to the rail, and because the rail has a monolithic profile, you can bridge devices from the receiver to the rail seamlessly. The longer rail also affords more 1913 “real estate” to mount your accessories.

    Firearm Specifications

      • Sku: M6A2R5B16
      • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
      • Barrel Length: 16”
      • Overall Length: 36.5”
      • Weight: 7.3 lbs (unloaded)
      • Rifling: 1/7” RH
      • Stock/Pistol Grip: B5 Systems SOPMOD/Magpul MIAD
      • Sights: LWRCI Folding BUIS Front and Rear
      • Magazine: Magpul 30 rd. P-Mag
      • Muzzle Device: A2 Birdcage 1/2x28 TPI (5.56)


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