Exploring Mineral Site Benefits

Using minerals will promote an overall healthier herd and antler growth for a buck.

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Starting and maintaining a mineral site for deer has many benefits. Deer require minerals year round for many different reasons. Minerals promote antler growth, and also help lactating does. Minerals also assist growth in bone and muscle structure and overall weight increase. Deer antler is a bone consisting of protein and minerals. After a long rut proteins and minerals will be depleted. Use of a mineral site will help replace proteins and minerals lost during the rut. Using minerals will promote an overall healthier herd and antler growth for a buck.

It is important to start your mineral site in late winter or early spring. Replenish the site periodically depending on how active the site is. Selecting an area near a food source is advantageous. Mature bucks may not use a site in this area, so you may want to place it close to thick areas a buck may be using for staging or bedding. Depending on the deer population at your location a ratio of one mineral site for every 80 to 100 acres is recommended. Placing the site near a water source is a good idea, as some mineral mixtures have a high sodium content.

Application of your selected mineral mixture will be determined by your choice of a liquid, granular, or block product. The most popular type is granular minerals. To apply granular minerals you will need to break up the top layer of soil using a rake or shovel. Once the soil is broken up in a three to six foot diameter circle pour the minerals directly on the soil. With liquid or block form products pour or place them on top of an old stump, loose soil, or on top of your established mineral site. Hanging your game camera over these sites will permit you to get a good idea of the deer using your site.

We recommend the following products for a mineral site: