Ruger's Retailer of the Year Award goes to Vance Outdoors

Vance Outdoors receives its second award this year as Retailer of the Year in the firearms industry.

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Mike Fifer, Rich Vance, Todd Vance, Chris Killoy Left to right: Mike Fifer (Ruger CEO), Richard Vance, Todd Vance, Chris Killoy (Ruger President & CCO)
Vance Outdoors receiving award from Ruger Accepting the Ruger Retailer of the Year award

At the 2015 NRA Show, Ruger awarded Vance Outdoors with their highest honor by naming them "Retailer of the Year". This is the second award that Vance Outdoors has received so far this year. The first award came from ATK Sporting, whose brands include Federal Ammunition, BLACKHAWK!, Bushnell, and Savage Arms, among many others. ATK Sporting awarded Vance Outdoors with their "Firearms Dealer of the Year Award".

Our relationship with them and all of our customers is the lifeline to our business. We look forward to working together on big, new ideas that will nurture and grow all of our retailer relationships in 2015 and beyond. - Jim Bruno, ATK Sporting Group Vice President of Sales

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