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Defensive Handgun 4: Single Hand/Ambi

  • Price: $100.00

Prerequisite: Defensive Handgun Level-2, or other equal experience/ training with prior approval

This exciting class will expose you to the skills required to completely run your handgun single-handed, and single handed, support hand only. Many people who consider themselves shooters totally ignore or never even think about this valuable skill set. What will you do, how will you run your handgun if one hand is taken out of the equation, it’s hurt, disabled or occupied doing something other than tending to your immediate handgun needs, protecting someone, controlling someone etc…? There is much more to single-hand gun manipulation than just shooting. Have you even thought about – can you draw your handgun from your normal concealed carry holster/position with your support hand? Have you ever considered reloads and malfunctions with a single hand, possibly even your support hand? Can you reach your spare magazine with your gun/dominant hand? You will likely find that shooting is the easiest part of single-hand gun running.

It is highly encouraged to consider this exercise, as it could just be the skills you will need someday to save your life, or even more importantly the life of a loved one. This exercise is the time and place to acquire and practice these skills. Not on the street, for the first time, when lives are at stake. This is cheap insurance for skills that may save your life someday. Like Defensive Handgun Level-1 2, multiple magazines (minimum of 3), a strong side hip holster, spare magazine carrier (as applicable) and sturdy belt are required. Round count is approximately 350.

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11-09-2019 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Sign up

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