FN 509 Midsize 9mm

The 4-inch barrel 509 Midsize is a fully featured pistol that is designed to hit a new sweet spot in terms of consumer demand.

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The FN 509 Midsize 9mm concealed carry pistol represents a return swing of the pendulum back away from the micro single-stack 9mm pistols that became all the rage just a couple of years ago.

The consumer market at that time was clamoring for easily concealed micro 9mm (and .40) caliber pistols such as the lightweight Kahr Arms CM that could be more readily concealed than the higher capacity compact double stack guns as the Glock 26.

Multiple makers geared up to meet consumer demand. I worked the gun counter at the Cleveland Avenue Vance Outdoor location as this market shift was occurring. When Glock introduced the six-round 9mm G43, people flocked in to get them, often trading in compact 10 round pistols for this new 6 round slimline model.

It appears that some of the bloom is off the rose, and the same consumers that absolutely had to have a slim, easy to carry, micro 9 began to miss having a larger magazine capacity. I suggest that this was due in part to all the publicity about-and occurrence of-mass shooting events. I can't say that I blame them. The other thing is that some of these folks found was guns with slimmer grips and lighter weight were harder to shoot and recoiled more. Which takes us to the FN 509 Midsize.

Weighing in at 26.5 ounces with a 15-round magazine, the 4-inch barrel 509 Midsize is a fully featured pistol that is designed to hit a new "sweet spot" in terms of consumer demand.

The polymer frame FN 509 Midsize features:

  • Striker fired operation.
  • A double-action-only trigger with built in articulating safety and improved flatter face.
  • Fully ambidextrous slide and magazine releases.
  • Fixed three dot luminescent sights.
  • Front and rear cocking serrations.
  • External extractor/loaded chamber indicator.
  • Cold hammer forged stainless steel barrel with target crown.
  • Interchangeable backstrap system.
  • 1913 accessory rail.

That should just about cover everything most folks want in a carry gun of this size. While obviously not an ankle gun, it clearly is sized to handle any potential high-risk situation besides being (as it turned out) fun to shoot.

I tested a rental FN 509 Midsize at the Vance Outdoors Alum Creek indoor range. When I picked it up to inspect in the shooting stall, I noticed the immediate attention given to the ergonomics of the grip design. It felt very comfortable in the hand, and pointed naturally at the target, setting the sights up for precise alignment.

All the controls were unobtrusive yet easily reached and operated, particularly the slide release lever which is important to me because I use it to return the slide to battery after it locks back. If I carried the Midsize 509 as a duty gun the ambidextrous controls would come in handy for left-hand courses fire during firearms qualification. There is no additional manual safety available.

I loaded up with range supplied Federal American Eagle 124 grain FMJ practice ammo, and noticed that the steel magazines were easy to fill. The trigger pull proved to be crisp, and measures between 5.5 to 7.5 lbs. in weight according to factory information. Starting off at 20 feet-firing two handed-I was able to easily fire 10 shot groups right in the 2-inch range. Recoil was quite easily managed especially considering that the American Eagle practice loads aren't as energetic as +P defensive loads-something I always appreciate on an indoor range. There is simply no comparison to firing the same load out of a micro 9. The sights were easy to pick up, and all rounds landed to the point of aim. The trigger was easy on the finger since there is no center safety lever on it.

I then sent the target down to the 30-foot mark. Here, groups hovered in the 3.5 to 4-inch range-which is more than adequate combat accuracy. If I had been shooting off a seated rest, I am sure I could have cut the group size in half. I don't test that way since one normally doesn't have a seated rest to fire from in defensive situations on the street. Practical accuracy is a better standard for review. There were no malfunctions of any kind-as one would expect from an FN product.

If you are one of those individuals seeking a full capacity, easy to shoot, full function home defense, concealed carry, or action target pistol, consider the FN 509 Midsize.