The Glock 43x-The Best of Both Worlds

The new G43x combines the shorter Glock 43 barrel with the frame of the Glock 48.

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If you've been involved in the firearms world for any reasonable amount of time, you will see evidence of evolving or shifting trends-some might call them fads-as the public moves to find the "sweet spot" in a particular area of firearms and shooting.

For many years, Glock provided cut-down concealable versions of its full-size pistols in the form of the 9mm G26, .40 G27, and .357 G33. These popular pistols were and are easy to carry, and were capable of accepting not only the 10 or so round magazines that came with them, but also the magazines for mid-size and full-size Glocks.

For years, Glock made only one single stack compact pistol-the superb 6+1 G36 .45, which is very accurate, easy to shoot, and still in production. It was never as big a seller as the "pocket rockets" because back then consumers wanted guns which held more rounds.

Later, the shooting public decided it might be better to reduce the size and weight of their carry guns-and smaller, thinner, low-capacity single stack pistols became the order of the day.

Glock finally jumped on the single stack bandwagon with its 6+1 shot 9mm G43 in 2015-and it was an instant hit. I worked the gun counter at Vance Outdoors in 2016, and G43's were flying off the shelves.

But trends change. While consumers still wanted compact pistols, they also wanted a return to higher magazine capacities. After all, a seven shot 9mm auto doesn't really have a huge tactical advantage over a five or six shot .38 revolver.

Glock was quicker to respond to demand this time and introduced the 9mm G48, which combined the easier shooting ergonomics of the Glock 19 with the slimmer profile of the G43. But more could be done.

The new G43x combines the shorter Glock 43 barrel with the frame of the Glock 48. The Glock 43x has an overall length of 6.5 inches, compared to the 7.28 overall length of the Glock 48. It is also two ounces lighter than the G48.

I got to try the G43x at the Vance indoor range using American Eagle 124 grain FMJ ammo. Glock has hit the "sweet spot" that consumers have been demanding! The G43x is a perfect combination of a 10+1 round magazine capacity and GREAT handling/shooting ergonomics.

The Glock 43x comes with a distinctive silver finished slide that contrasts with the black polymer frame. My test pistol was outfitted with Glock's basic polymer sights. The G43x came with the standard Glock slide release and new wider profile magazine release.

I began the test by dry firing a few shots before live firing. The trigger pull was decent, more than crisp enough with little creep. I can't make this point enough-the G43x feels absolutely great in the hand.

I started loading the 10-round magazine. When I hit round 9, things got tough. It was all I could do to fit in the 10th round. I've also encountered this with my Glock 27, into which I can load with 8 rounds.

Firing the G43x is a treat. It is so much more easily controlled than the original G43! I began my test firing at 21 feet and was impressed with the accuracy. Here are the results I got firing two-handed;

Distance in Feet Num of Shots Group Size in Inches
21 10 1.5
25 9 1.5
30 9 3.0

If you are looking for a compact-not micro-sized 9mm pistol that has a decent magazine capacity, look no farther than the Glock 43x. I would rate the G43x as the best concealed carry 9mm in the entire Glock stable. Note to Glock-don't change a thing on this one!