SIG P365 XL-Extended Barrel/Extended Magazine Capacity-Still Compact Size

SIG has hit another home run with the new P365 XL.

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In November 2018, I had the opportunity to test the then new SIG Sauer P365 micro 9mm pistol when it was still scarcer than hen's teeth. It was and is a superb 9mm. The P365 was revolutionary in that it gave the shooter double stack 9mm capacity (10+1 rounds) in a package just slightly wider than the "everybody had to have one" single stack micro nines that were all the rage. The same single stacks that today "maybe don't carry enough bullets after all".

In fact, the P365 grip was widened just enough to accommodate a 10-round magazine that the extra thickness required improved shootability over the single stack pistol grips. The P365's trigger was amazing in terms of smoothness, causing the P365 to shoot all out of proportion in terms of accuracy for a pistol of its size. Once SIG was able to up its production, the SIG P365 sold like hotcakes. And, it really is comfortable enough to carry all day 365 days per year.

Not to rest on its laurels, SIG decided to up the ante. It apparently seemed time to develop a slightly larger version of the P365 with a 12+1 (or available 15+1) magazine capacity since the capacity pendulum was swinging back in the other direction. Thus, the P365 XL was born.

Dimensional Differences

Specifications P365 P365 XL
Weight 17.8 ounces 20.7 ounces
Barrel Length 3.1 inches 3.7 inches
Height 4.3 inches 4.8 inches
Overall Length 5.8 inches 6.6 inches

The dimensional changes made essentially move the P365 XL out of the micro pistol range into the compact pistol range. While the P365 XL is not a practical ankle gun, it is still easily capable of being carried IWB, OWB, or in an appropriate carry pack.

Besides dimensional changes, there is one thing that separates the P365 XL from the micro sized P365-the optics ready slide which accommodates Romeo Zero and RMSc optics. I think this factor alone allows the P365 XL to cross over to functions that are normally reserved for full-sized duty type or home defense handguns. By the XRAY3 three dot Day/Night iron sights are excellent. Normally I don't like three dot tritium sights, but on SIG's version the front sight dot is more prominent that the rear dots due to the green outline around the front dot. The green outline not only helps to pick up the front sight in daylight, but in dim light as well.

The P365 XL balances well in the hand, and like its smaller sibling the controls are in all the right places. Currently the XL is not available with a manual safety option, which I would hope to see in the near future.

The XL trigger is the flat "X-Signature" type (which seems to be the preferred trigger these days for pistols designed for precisions shooting) which breaks at 90 degrees. The P365 XL is equipped with the polymer 365 X-Series grip module that features an extended beavertail for additional control and an integrated magazine well for quicker reloads.

Shots Fired

I test a rental P365 XL at the Vance indoor range using American Eagle 124 grain FMJ ammo. The overall ergonomics of the 365 X-Series Grip Module clearly enhanced the shooting experience, and it doesn't shoot like like the compact pistol that it is.

The trigger pull is crisp and easily managed. Although I prefer a curved trigger on my handguns, I really didn't notice that the XL's trigger was flat during testing.

At 20 feet, I easily managed a six-shot two-inch groups fired from the two-hand standing position. At 30 feet, the group size opened only slightly to 2.5 inches. All shots landed dead center at the point of aim. There were no malfunctions.

Researching the P365 XL on SIG's website, I noticed complaints in the customer reviews about the P365 XL not always going into battery, regardless of load type being used. The issue was voiced on 9 of 27 reviews, which seemed like a lot. I believe that SIG has moved to correct whatever the issues are quickly. A premier company like SIG Sauer is not going to let that go unaddressed. The vast majority of the people who did reviews were extremely pleased with it. After my test firing, I believe that SIG has hit another home run with the new P365 XL.