Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry Coyote Two-Tone 9mm

The SIG P320 X-Carry Coyote Two-Tone pistol is one of the most striking pistols in SIG's entire lineup.

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This week I was able to test Sig Sauers new P320 X-Carry Coyote Two-Tone with the Sig Romeo1 Electro-Optics Red Dot Reflex Sight mounted on the rear. Red dot sights are now popular options for target and competition pistols as well as specialized law enforcement duty guns and pistols utilized for home defense and concealed carry. Many previous technological issues such as battery life, durability, and switching method have been worked out making their usage more viable.

The SIG P320 X-Carry Coyote Two-Tone pistol is one of the most striking pistols in SIG's entire lineup. Its mid-sized polymer frame is solid black, while the slide is coyote tan-which is the best of both tactical worlds visually. Designed for concealed carry, the slide includes a lightening cut which helps keep the weight down to a reasonable 27 ounces. Magazine capacity is 17 rounds-two magazines come with the pistol. The trigger blade is the flat style now favored by competition shooters.

Standard sights are Sig's excellent X-Ray night sights. The rear sight is mounted on a black steel plate which is removed to mount the Romeo1 sight comes mounted which on its own plate.

The Romeo1 optic represents the best of modern sighting technology. In it won the Guns and Ammo 2016 Optic of the Year Award. Constructed of lightweight Aircraft Grade CNC Magnesium, the Romeo1 features a 3-6 Minute of Angle red dot with multiple intensity setting. The lens is a molded glass aspheric type with multiple high-performance coatings and 1x magnification.

The main advantage of a red-dot sight is that it is parallax free. This means that it doesn't matter what angle you look through the sight, you will get your intended hits on the target as long as you see the red dot. This is helpful when shooting from odd positions.

The Romeo1 is powered by a single battery that loads from the top of the sight. One of the most important features is the MOTAC(tm) (Motion Activated Illumination) operation that powers up the sight when it senses motion and powers it down when motion ceases. This eliminates having to manually turn the Romeo1 on before using it in an emergency.

The P320 X-Carry shot with typical SIG excellence. The 320 series grip molds into the hand, which helps with the control of recoil. At 21 feet, my very first 10 shot group fired unsupported measured 3.5 inches with one called flyer. Six of the ten shots were in the same hole.

My only dislike was the flat trigger. While the pull was in the 4.5 range and very crisp without sponginess, I shoot with the distal joint of my trigger finger positioned in the middle of the trigger, rather than the pad. After ten rounds I started feeling a recoil sting in my finger from the edges of the trigger-something which doesn't happen with the curved trigger of my M17. I fired the rest of the strings using only the pad of my finger on the trigger. That alleviated the issue. Many people like flat triggers, but some don't. This is why I recommend "try before you buy"-rent this pistol and see how it works for you.

One final thing about red dot sights. You notice the dot bouncing more while you aim that you do with standard sights. No one can hold pistol sights totally still so don't despair. Just keep holding the red dot as close as you can to the point of aim and while doing so, gently bring the trigger back until the gun goes off. Trying to snap the trigger when you think the sight is "dead on" will result in a dropped shot. If you do that your shots will land where you want them.

The SIG P320 X-Carry Coyote Two-Tone Pistol is an excellent pistol with or without the Romeo1 Sight. It does not appear that the manual safety of the M17 is currently available for it, an option which I would like to see.