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Right now, all NRA memberships are being discounted through the NRA when you sign up with Vance Outdoors.

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The horrible Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida (yes, it was a terrorist attack) has predictably reignited calls among certain vocal elements of society for renewed efforts to ban semi-automatic rifles, with the AR15 as the primary target, and not to ban terrorists. There was plenty of opportunity to stop the shooting from occurring well before the terrorist walked into a gun store, yet those opportunities were missed or not taken advantage of by the same federal government that seeks to prevent you from owning the firearm of your choice.

The calls are especially loud and misguided in this presidential election year. As I write this, the efforts at banning guns or putting innocent people on "watch lists" without the ability to seek governmental redress have been halted in Congress. The efforts have been halted by the mightiest citizen "army" this nation has ever seen, and that army is called the National Rifle Association.

Unlike what you may hear in the mainstream media, the NRA is not some secretive cabal of insiders that thwart "common sense" gun control at every turn. The NRA is made up of everyday citizens (you and me), who not only enjoy recreational shooting, but who have a vested interest in defending themselves and their family. The NRA, more than any other political organization, listens to the concerns of its millions of members, and acts upon them.

I have been a member of the NRA since I was 15 years old, starting with the "Junior Membership" program. Once I reached adulthood, I've maintained an annual membership for forty years or so, mainly to protect my Second Amendment rights, but also to keep up on the firearms world through the included NRA publications. A Life Membership would have been a cheaper option, but I stayed with the Annual Membership as a way of contributing more to the cause over time.

Everyone who owns a firearm should be a member. The NRA needs every single firearms owner to do their part. And don't think that you don't need to join because "they" are only after "assault rifles". That is where firearms confiscation and total bans start. For example, look at what has happened in Australia, a country that the current occupant of the White House likes to tout as an example to follow. They started with bans on semi-auto arms, and began moving to ban any and all repeating type firearms. Although those of you who don't own semi-automatic rifles and shotguns may be "safe" for the moment, it is the kind of safety that is fleeting at best.

We are all in this fight together (or should be). That is why Vance Outdoors is stepping up to the plate to promote an increase in NRA memberships by making it easier and more economical to join.

Vance Outdoors is an official NRA Recruiter. Considering the political climate, I call this a pretty gutsy position, considering that there are those who see law abiding gun-owners as more of a threat than the terrorists that run free among us, and who blame the NRA for the terrorist attacks that occur! But it is for this very reason that Vance Outdoors is working to swell the NRA's ranks.

Right now, all NRA memberships are being discounted through the NRA (when you sign up through Vance Outdoors), making them more affordable than ever! This means that a $40 Annual Membership, which comes with your choice of an excellent NRA Magazine (I've always preferred the American Rifleman), is available for just $30. A three year membership (in which you already save $20 over the Annual renewal rate) is discounted another $15, to $85, and a standard $1500 Life Membership is discounted by $500, to $1000. Junior memberships are $15, and even more discounted membership options are available.

Even if you can't afford the Annual membership rate, you can still become an Associate member for $10 per year and be counted as someone who wants to preserve firearms freedom.

But Vance's is supporting the NRA in an even bigger way. Join or renew your NRA membership, and your name will be automatically entered in an drawing to win a Kimber Custom ll 1911 Pistol (style#3200301) valued at $799.99. This special campaign will run right up until the Presidential Election. A chance at a pistol like that is certainly worth the price of an NRA membership!

By joining the NRA through Vance Outdoors, individuals will be entered for a chance to win a Kimber Custom II 1911 pistol (style #3200301).

We have reached a major crossroads, and are living in a time the likes of which I would never have imagined seeing after the 911 Terrorist Attack- time when the average law abiding gun owner is being blamed for the existence of terrorism. We are also living in a time (this very moment to be exact) when the AR15 has become "America's Rifle" and is currently flying off the shelves due to efforts to ban them from ownership by people who want to defend themselves.

If you want to keep that new AR15, or any other firearm you own for that matter, you need to take one more step. Imagine how many NRA members we would have if just every new AR15 owner purchased a membership (or renewed an expired one) along with their new firearm. Now is the time for every gun owner to share in the burden of maintaining our Second Amendment rights. Sign up for or renew an NRA membership at any of the 3 Vance Outdoors locations, or even online Here. Our rights depend on it.