Review: Sig Sauer 9mm P320 Carry

SIG's First Foray into Striker Fired Polymer Pistols is a Huge Success.

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I had the opportunity to test the mid-sized carry version of the SIG-SAUER P320 polymer framed Carry pistol at the Vance Outdoors Obetz location this week. This is the first striker fired pistol in the highly successful SIG-SAUER line.

One of the features of the P320 pistol that makes it standout from other pistols of this style is the adaptability of the pistol to various missions via its modular grip frame and slide barrel design. Frame sizes are Full, Carry, and Subcompact (available soon). One gun can morph into three basic types by replacing the modular grip frame Calibers are also interchangeable as well, with the choice of 9mm, .357 SIG and .40 S&W on tap. Thus, if you choose, you can switch between the mid-frame Carry size pistol, which works well for both concealed carry and home defense, or the soon to be available subcompact size, which is more oriented towards concealed carry. The subcompact is be a better choice for those times when you cannot adapt your wardrobe much to hide your gun (such as in the summer) or when a fanny pack type carry system is not acceptable.

The interchangeability of calibers sounds like an important feature, but just because you can do a thing doesn't always mean you should. I would prefer to shoot the same caliber from the P320 regardless of frame size. I have had occasion during law enforcement qualifications to find out what happens when someone loads and fires the wrong caliber handgun cartridge in the gun they are using. I have seen 9mm rounds launched from a .40 caliber pistol and .40 caliber rounds launched from a .45 caliber pistol. It's embarrassing to say the least, and can result in personal injury and/or damage to the gun. All three caliber options will do the same job even using the shortest of the subcompact barrels. Using one caliber also simplifies your ammo supply. Change out frame sizes if you wish, or stick with one size, but keep the caliber the same.

The Sig Sauer P320 Striker Fired Polymer Pistol The Sig Sauer P320 Striker Fired Polymer Pistol

The P320 I tested was one of the rental guns available at the Vance Outdoors Obetz location. Their selection of rental firearms is extensive to say the least, and most of the popular brands are available for you to try out; revolvers and semi-autos alike. I really recommend renting before buying the gun you are interested in. This helps to insure you will be totally satisfied with your selection, not only in terms of the operation of the gun, but also how it feels in your hand, which is critical. If the gun you choose doesn't feel right in your hand, then it probably is not your best choice. For me, the P320 feels right, and slides very naturally into my hand.

The weight of the P320 with empty magazine in place is 24.9 ounces. This is a good weight for a high capacity arm that may be carried all day long. By contrast, the 1911 .45 weighs around 40 ounces. That extra weight will wear on you. While some don't mind the weight of the 1911, it's not for everyone. I've found that as I have gotten older, I definitely prefer a lighter weight concealed carry/off-duty arm when carrying for extended periods.

Shooting the P320 was enjoyable. Trigger pull weight is rated as being between 5.5-7.5 lbs. and my test gun had a smooth trigger face. This improves the comfort of firing over a trigger with a safety lever in its face when shooting large amounts of ammo. The trigger is crisp with a short range of travel. Overall operation of the P320 is very simple, since the controls consist only of the slide release, takedown lever and magazine release button. In a crisis, no extra thought need be given to this pistol when your life is in danger. The P320's design also simplifes teaching family members or friends its safe operation as well.

I was supplied with Remington-UMC 9mm 124 grain FMJ ammo for testing. This is the same ammo that is available for use on the range. The target was set at 30 feet. As expected, the P320 functioned flawlessly, and it was easy to produce a fist sized cluster of hits in the center of the target in initial slow fire. Fast repeat shots were possible due to the light 9mm recoil, which keeps the barrel pointing in the vicinity of the target when shots are delivered quickly.

The SIG-SAUER P320 Carry 9mm is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable multi-mission capable concealed carry or home defense handgun, and is made by a renowned company that supplies arms for law enforcement and military units worldwide.