SCCY CPX-2 CB 9mm: USA Manufactured Quality Self-Defense Pistol at a Bargain Price

Sometimes, quality and reliability come at an unexpectedly reasonable price.

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Sometimes, quality and reliability come at an unexpectedly reasonable price. In the world of self-defense handguns, this is truly a beautiful thing, and occurs more often than you might think.

Reliability of a self-defense handgun is the quality that supersedes all other factors, including caliber and capacity. A 15 shot pistol that won't run reliability, that jams at inopportune times, is beaten hands down by a reliable two-shot derringer every time.

The problem is that reliability can't always be purchased regardless of the price. I know of expensive, "custom quality" handguns that require many rounds of "break-in" fire that had reliability issues even after the break in period was reached. The same is sometimes true of less expensive guns. When this happens with a brand new gun that you have taken to the range for the first time, there is always a nagging thought in the back of your mind that the gun might fail not just at the range, but when you need it in defense of your life, even after the gun has been "fixed". Obviously it helps to purchase a reliable self-defense gun right from the outset.

The SCCY (pronounced "SKY") CPX-2 9mm, is an inexpensive handgun that runs reliably right out of the box. With an MSRP of $314, you get a compact, polymer frame 9mm with a 10+1 round ammo capacity, two magazines, windage adjustable three dot sights, a double action only trigger pull that requires no manual safety, nicely sized slide release, and a "carry all day" unloaded weight of only 15 ounces. But the most important thing you get is reliability coupled with easy "shootability".

Some mini-9mm (and even .380 caliber) pistols can be somewhat unpleasant to shoot. To avoid this issue, the CPX-2 has an ergonomically friendly Dupont Zytel grip frame with built in grasping grooves. The grip shape causes the CPX2 to sit naturally in the hand. There is a stippled finish on the side grip panels to assist when the shooting hand is sweaty or wet. At the rear of the grip frame is an integral recoil cushion that dissipates some of the rearward directed recoil forces. The actual receiver inside the grip frame is 7075-T6 aircraft grade heat treated aluminum alloy, machined from bar stock. This receiver, not the polymer grip frame, is what actually supports the action during firing.

The CPX-2 is setup for close body carry. In addition to the sweat proof frame, the stainless steel slide can be had in a natural bright finish or with black nitride coating. Many who are new to the realm of self-defense firearms use may not realize that unprotected stainless steel will rust if not tended to. It is rust resistant, not rustproof. As a law enforcement firearms instructor for two agencies that issued Smith and Wesson stainless steel 4506 .45 ACP pistols, I found a number of guns carried by officers who were less than attentive to firearms care develop surface rust. Go for the additional protection that Nitride coating of the slide provides, rather than flashy looks. This is particularly important for any pistol carried in an inside the waistband type holster during summer months.

SCCY also manufactures a nearly identical pistol-the CPX-1. Actually the only difference is that there is an additional manual thumb safety on the CPX-1. I have fired this version as well as the CPX-2 that I carry. While the manual safety works well, the small size of the CPX-1 requires a bit of extra manipulation to engage and disengage it. A safety really isn't needed on the CPX because the trigger pull of both models runs around 10 pounds. A very smooth ten pounds, but twice the weight of a Glock trigger, which has a built in trigger safety. Accidently launching a round from a pistol with a trigger weight like the CPX-2's should be difficult indeed. However, if the manual safety of the CPX-1 gives you additional comfort, by all means purchase a CPX-1. BUT when you practice with it do not cheat yourself. Always start your firing string from an "on safe" position.

Don't despair that the CPX's are not available in .40. Law enforcement agencies are returning to the easier recoiling, less hard on guns and hands, more than adequate 9mm. Modern 9mm expanding ammo is quite up to the self-defense task, and you will enjoy range time more with the less expensive user friendly 9mm round.

The CPX-2 is an easy shooting handgun. My sample has run with any type of load that I have fed it. I carry mine with confidence. Note that any holster designed to fit the Kel-Tec P11 will also accommodate the SCCY CPX-2.

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