SIERRA BULLETS .30 (.30-30) 125 GR. HP/FN 2020

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SIERRA BULLETS .30 (.30-30) 125 GR. HP/FN 2020


Sierra Pro Hunter Rifle Bullets 30 Cal 125 Grain Hollow Point Flat Nose
Item Number: 2020

The Sierra Pro-Hunter bullets have the traditional, flat base design which has been skillfully blended with Sierra`s world famous accuracy. The custom tapered jacket design helps assure maximum expansion, optimum weight retention and deep penetration for game stopping, one shot performance. Packaged 100 bullets per box, with the exception of some of the larger calibers, marked with an asterisk, which are packaged 50 bullets per box.

  • Bullet Type : Hollow Point Flat Nose
  • Caliber : 30
  • Weight : 125 gr
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