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Face Coverings at Vance Outdoors Locations

In accordance with the State of Ohio Department of Health order issued on July 7th, Vance Outdoors respectfully requests our customers to wear a face covering into all of our retail store locations. If you are unable to wear a mask due to medical reasons, you are exempt from this mandate. If you are not wearing one when you arrive, we will assume that you fit this exemption. Due to HIPAA and your right to privacy, we will not ask you about your condition and we will welcome you as we would any other customer.

Firearm & Defensive Training

With two fully equipped classrooms for specialized firearm and defensive training sessions, we conduct all courses entirely on site at our Shooting Range and Training Center in Columbus, Ohio. Training in Basic & Advanced Handgun and Rifle Courses, prioritizing personal defense both at home and away, are available and taught by experienced NRA and Ohio Peace Officer Commission certified firearms instructors.

Our Instructors make safety and quality instruction their priority, while making you feel comfortable in class and on the range. The state-of-the-art facility allows downrange dynamic training involving movement and the use of cover, not common to indoor ranges where learning is limited to shooting between stalls.

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