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Basic AR Course

Basic AR Course

  • Price: $40.00

The Vance Outdoors Basic AR Training Course consists of four hours of classroom instruction. This is an entry level class for the novice/beginner to become familiarized with the AR rifle platform and safe gun handling. All the following will be discussed and demonstrated:

  1. Brief history of the AR rifle
  2. Proper terms and nomenclature of the rifle
  3. How to disassemble and reassemble an AR
  4. Differences in ammo and the purpose of each
  5. Basic fundamentals of getting the rifle shouldered and on target
  6. Different shooting positions
  7. How to safely load and unload the rifle

Although this class is taught by NRA Certified Pistol Instructors, it is not a NRA Certified class. Upon completion of the class, you will receive a Vance Outdoors Certificate of Completion, signed by your instructor and the Vance Outdoors Training Coordinator.

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