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Range Rules

Age Requirements and Restrictions:

  • Women who are pregnant or nursing are not permitted in the range area due to possible exposure to lead
  • Any person who is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will not be permitted to use the firing range and will be asked to leave the range area
  • All children must be at least 10 years old to shoot and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must sign a waiver and be present with the child at all times
  • All handgun shooters under the age of 21 and all long gun shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who must sign a waiver and stay with the underage shooter at all times

Dress Code:

  • Flip-flops, sandals or open footwear of any kind are prohibited.
  • Tank-tops, low-cut tops or bare mid-riff tops are prohibited.
  • Clothing which displays offensive or obscene graphics as determined by the range staff will not be permitted
  • Loose garments, torn garments, or undergarments worn as outer garments that may present a hazard while shooting are not permitted, including sleeveless shirts.

Preliminary Considerations:

  • All firearms that are not holstered must be unloaded and secured in a case while going to or from the range
  • All firearms and ammunition are subject to inspection by the range staff prior to entering the range
  • Only authorized firearms and ammunition may be used on the range. Aluminum-cased, steel-core, steel-jacketed, steel-cased, tracer, armor piercing, incendiary rounds and buckshot are strictly prohibited. Black Powder Rifles may not be discharged inside the range
  • All shooters must view the Vance Outdoors Safety Video and have a current signed waiver on file prior to using the firing range (video viewing and waiver will be filled out on the initial visit)
  • Eye and hearing protection is mandatory on the range. If you don't have your own, both are available in our retail shop for purchase or they may be rented from the range staff.

General Firearms Safety Rules:

  • Treat every firearm as if it were loaded
  • Never point a firearm at anything or anyone that you do not intend to shoot
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
  • Always be aware of your target and what is beyond it

Range Safety Rules:

  • Shooters are to obey all instructions and commands given by the Range Staff and Range Safety Officers at all times.
  • No food, tobacco products or beverages are allowed in the range area due to possible exposure to lead
  • Eye and hearing protection must be worn prior to entering the firing range and must be worn at all times while in the firing range
  • No more than two shooters are permitted in any one stall without prior approval from the staff
  • All firearms are to be unloaded and secured in a case upon entering the firing range
  • Do not load firearms behind the firing line. All firearms must be loaded and unloaded in your assigned shooting stall only. No loaded firearms may leave the firing line
  • Never hand a loaded firearm to another individual
  • Fully automatic firearms are not permitted on the range at this time.
  • Use only ammunition that is permitted on the firing range and is the correct ammunition for your firearm
  • Shooters are to keep their firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times
  • Shooters should keep their fingers off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot
  • Shooters are to fire only one firearm at a time. When finished, unload and case the firearm before uncasing the next firearm
  • No handling of firearms will be permitted outside the shooting booth.
  • Targets should be full sized and placed at eye level or in such a manner as to ensure all rounds impact the trap and to avoid striking the ceiling, target carrier, or target track. Targets that are deemed obscene or offensive to customers will not be allowed. Only paper targets will be permitted
  • Cross lane shooting or shooting at a target that is not in your lane is not permitted
  • Shooters should fire at their target only as rapidly as their ability permits. Uncontrolled shooting which presents the risk of damage to equipment is strictly prohibited. Violators will have range privileges revoked and will be held liable for damages
  • Alcohol or drug use before or while shooting is strictly prohibited. Any person suspected of drug or alcohol use will be asked to leave the property
  • No food, drink, gum, or tobacco is permitted inside the range. Cell phone usage, including texting, is strictly prohibited on the range
  • No drawing from a holster, kneeling or prone shooting is allowed
  • You may retrieve your brass that is behind the firing line. Under no circumstances will any person be permitted past the firing line for any reason. Specialty brass that is forward of the firing line may only be retrieved by contacting the range officer first.
  • In the event of a firearm malfunction that you are unable to clear, keep the firearm pointed downrange and request assistance from the range officer by pressing the call button on the display panel in your stall. A staff member will assist you with the malfunction
  • Professional instructors may not use the firing range for the purpose of instructing students in courses not being conducted by Vance Outdoors Shooting Range without prior approval and permission

About the Vance Outdoors Shooting Range:

The Vance Outdoors Shooting Range & Training Center is an indoor shooting range located in central Ohio that offers a unique and comprehensive shooting experience for all levels of shooters. The facility is designed to provide superior firearm training and shooting capabilities, and features state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to enhance the shooting experience.

The center boasts a variety of training classes that cater to different skill levels, including introductory courses for beginners and advanced courses for experienced shooters. Some of the classes offered include basic handgun, concealed carry, defensive handgun, and tactical rifle training. All classes are taught by certified instructors who are knowledgeable and experienced in firearm safety and handling.

In addition to training classes, Vance Outdoors Shooting Range & Training Center also offers a large selection of rentals, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. This allows customers to try out different firearms and determine which ones they are most comfortable with before making a purchase.

The facility is also equipped with a modern ventilation system, which ensures clean and safe air quality throughout the range. The range is fully automated and offers various target distances, including distances up to 75 feet.

Our Shooting Range & Training Center is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-quality shooting facility in central Ohio. With our selection of training classes, certified instructors, and rental options, we offer a comprehensive shooting experience that is second to none.

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