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Face Coverings at Vance Outdoors Columbus & Obetz Locations

In accordance with the State of Ohio Department of Health order issued on July 7th, Vance Outdoors respectfully requests our customers to wear a face covering into our Columbus and Obetz retail store locations. We will not have any face coverings on hand for customers that do not bring one of their own.

We appreciate your cooperation and we look forward to serving you soon!

Gun Rentals

For 82 years, Vance Outdoors has had the largest selection of firearms in Columbus, Ohio. One of the goals at our shooting range is to continue that tradition with the largest selection of gun rentals. Of course, you can bring your own firearms too, and with a selection that's continually growing, we're sure to have a gun here that you've been waiting to try out.

Rental Prices

  • Handguns: $15.00 (Age 21+)
  • Long Guns: $15.00 (Age 18+)

Try it before you buy it

When you're in the market for a new gun, it can be tough to make a decision without trying it out first - just like when buying a new car. That's why we started the "Try it before you buy it" program.

If the same model you're interested in buying is available as a gun rental at our shooting range, you can now test the firearm with one loaded magazine (5 rounds of ammo included) for $9.99 before buying. If you then decide to buy the same model brand new at our firearms counter, you'll instantly receive $9.99 off the purchase price! Please see our Obetz store for more details.

List of Rental Guns

Don't see the gun you want to shoot?
Suggest a gun we should add
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