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Carbine: Movement

Carbine: Movement

  • Price: $50.00

Prerequisite: Carbine Fundamentals or Equivalent

Carbine Movement concentrates on the foundational skills to be able to operate a carbine while safely moving forward, backward, and laterally. These proven skills are essential in movement to cover or to remove yourself and loved ones from dangerous situations. Important fundamentals like grip, sight picture/sight alignment, and trigger management will be emphasized.

Although this class is taught by NRA and OPOTA Certified firearm Instructors, it is not an NRA Certified class. Upon completion of the class, you will receive a Vance Outdoors Certificate of Completion, signed by your instructors.

For this class you will need a reliable carbine/rifle, a minimum of 3 magazines, spare ammunition carrier, sturdy belt, a rifle sling, eye and ear protection and 200 rounds of ammunition.

AR pistols are allowed in class but must have a third point of contact such as a blade or brace and must comply with all current ATF regulations. It is recommended that if you plan an AR pistol you also bring an AR rifle, as Vance Outdoors reserves the right to not allow AR pistols on the range at any time.

You will be expected to come to class with a securely mounted sighting system, whether that is iron sights, red dot, or scope. You will need to have your sighting system zeroed to be on paper at 25 yards.

There will be no full auto shooting allowed. Any/all NFA items must be accompanied by all appropriate ATF paperwork.

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06-29-2024 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Sign up

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