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Defensive Handgun 1: Skills

  • Price: $100.00

Prerequisite: Valid Ohio Concealed Handgun License, Basic Handgun, or other equal experience/training, with prior approval.

This is the first of a level of the five level Defensive Handgun Series presented by Vance Outdoors. This five level series will help you become the well rounded and well trained armed civilian you really want to be.

This first level of Defensive Handgun concentrates on the foundation skills that must be mastered to progress through the next four series. Intensive discussions on the moral, ethical and legal use of force, both in the home and on the street will take place. Skills such as proper grip, sight alignment/picture and trigger control will be emphasized. Skills to get you ldquo;on-targetrdquo; fast and affectively will be taught. Multiple target engagement will be explained and practiced, and you be introduced to shooting on the move.

Multiple magazines (minimum of 3), a strong side hip holster, spare magazine carrier (as applicable) and sturdy belt are required. Round Count is approximately 350.

It is not necessary, however it is recommended to take Defensive Handgun Level 1 and Level 2 together.

Available Dates Time  
06-02-2018 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Sign up

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