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Defensive Handgun 5: Response to Shooter

  • Price: $150.00

Prerequisite – Defensive Handgun Level-2, or other equal experience/training, with prior approval

Vance Outdoors’ training senior staff are staunch advocates of civilian response to an Active Shooter/killer. We truly believe properly armed, well trained civilians are a great deterrent to the Active Shooter/Killer, and very likely will be the first responder and decisive end to the event. This class will give you the knowledge, skills and tactics you will need to be properly prepared to confront and stop the killing, and the proper after-action response to safely end the incident. With this knowledge and newly learned skills you will now have the tools to make decision to get involved if/when this horrible situation may develop and possibly engulf you and your loved ones. 

You will spend one full day (Saturday), in the classroom learning the true definition of “Active Shooter/Killer”, the history of the active shooter/killer, their tools and tactics, and how terrorism may be involved. There will be a brief introduction to bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), and a brief discussion on the importance of a basic understanding of field trauma first aid. There will be a discussion on the necessity of an immediate and aggressive response, and the proper tools and equipment to confront the shooter(s).

The other full day (Sunday), will be spent on the range testing and determining your true abilities and learning the skills and tactics we feel are necessary to confront an active shooter(s), learning the balance of distance, speed and accuracy. You WILL experience and learn skills necessary to confront the active shooter(s) in an open public environment, an environment that will very likely be crowded with innocent scared to death civilians (sheep), a situation of total chaos. You will learn some tactics to help you quickly understand the situation, make some sense of the chaos, find and identify the “active shooter/killer(s)”. You will learn proper search techniques to rapidly move through that environment, discretely if necessary, to get to the shooter/killer(s), engage the shooter/killer(s), stop the killing and how to react after the shooter/killer(s) has been put down, as other first responders may be arriving.

Like Defensive Handgun Level-1 2, multiple magazines (minimum of 3), a strong side hip holster, spare magazine carrier (as applicable) and sturdy belt are required. Round Count is approximately 300.

Available Dates Time  
10-26-2019 - 10-27-2019 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Sign up

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