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Defensive Handgun 6: Close Quarters

  • Price: $100.00

Prerequisite: Defensive Handgun Level-2, or other equal experience/ training with prior approval

Defensive Handgun Level 6, Extreme Close quarters is Number 6 in our series, but probably the most important class in your progression towards a proficient and practiced gunfighter skills and tactics set. This class consists of additional training building on the skills and tactics you learned in Defensive Handgun Level-1 and Level-2. Now you will start putting those skills and tactics learned in your previous clinics and exercises to work in real world applications.

You will shoot a minimum of 300 rounds through the 9-hour day. 300 rounds will get you through the course; however you may have opportunity to shoot more, possibly up to 400 rounds. So, bring what you want.

This exercise will begin with an aggressive warm up of skills learned in the Defensive Handgun Levels 1 and 2 only with a few additional ambient stressors to get your heart rate up and get you thinking and performing under pressure and stress. The entire day will be spent on extreme close quarters drills being exposed to the unique skills required to perform under these conditions. We will spend some time on aggressive closing and opening movement. You will learn the limits of your capabilities and will have to make a decision to perform within those capabilities. All shooting drills in this exercise will be executed at ranges of 10-feet and less, including contact shots. Come prepared to experience a level of close quarters shooting rarely experienced in most training environments.

We will spend time in this exercise working on close quarters gun grabs, both executing and defending against. We will also spend some time on defeating a gun drawn against you at extreme close quarters. We will spend some time recognizing and reacting to furtive movements. This is real life stuff you may encounter on the street, or even in your home or place of business.

You must supply your own ammunition (minimum of 300 rounds) any hard ball full metal jacket, such as Winchesterrsquo;s: White Boxrdquo; ammunition is acceptable. No steel core, aluminum or steel cased ammunition is allowed. Ammunition is available for purchase in the store.

As in all of our Defensive Handgun classes a good holster, belt, spare ammo device carrier (mag pouch), at least two spare ammo devices (magazine or speed loader, two or more is recommended) eye and ear protection is mandatory. You can bring your own our borrow some of ours. To ensure a good instructor to student ratio this class is limited to 16 students. Additional classes may be added if interest merits.

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12-07-2019 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Sign up

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