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Field Trauma Casualty Care Class

Field Trauma Casualty Care Class

  • Price: $200.00

The knowledge and employment of lifesaving techniques is not a luxury or an option anymore.

This class is for anyone who may find themselves in any hostile environment, active shooter or terrorist event, a natural disaster, such as a major weather event, earthquake, a hunting/fishing accident, or even a vehicle accident. Any of these events can result in major trauma injuries, and may leave you or a loved one severely injured, and several hours, or even days away from professional medical treatment.

The basic paramedic rule is: “is my scene safe?” if it is not, they will not even attempt to treat any casualty no matter how critical the wounds might be. These are precious minutes that could be the difference between you or loved ones going back home alive or dying from a traumatic injury when a simple tourniquet would have controlled the bleeding and save a life.

Vance Outdoors and Omega Training Solutions LLC have put together the most comprehensive, realistic and easy to understand class that will give you the knowledge and skills to act under stress when presented with some of the most common occurring traumatic events.

Upon completion of this course, you will acquire skills learned through almost 16 years of both educational and more importantly operational experience in hostile environment where multiple traumas are an everyday occurrence.

This Class will Cover:

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care phases
  • Wound assessment and hemorrhage control
  • Use of hemostatic agents
  • Shock recognition and treatment
  • Tourniquet application techniques (both commercial and improvise)
  • Basic Airway management
  • Treatment and management of gunshot wounds
  • Recognizing and treating pneumothorax
  • Recognizing and treating sucking chest wound
  • Utilization of a casualty response kit
  • Using your Individual Field Trauma Kit
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