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Personal Defense Rifle: Basic

Personal Defense Rifle: Basic

  • Price: $100.00

This is the first level of training in the Vance Outdoors Personal Defense Rifle Series. This series is designed to help you become more proficient with a personal defense rifle platform for home and self-defense.

Personal Defense Rifle teaches you the basic fundamentals on how to use a defensive rifle at close distances, similar to what one might find inside their home. Shooting a rifle closer than 50 feet has different considerations than shooting past 50 feet. Vance Outdoors instructors will cover topics like how to set up your rifle, support equipment choices such as slings or optics, reloading, and clearing a weapon stoppage.

For this class you will need a reliable rifle platform in a caliber sufficient for personal defense, a minimum of 3 magazines (depending on the rifle), spare ammunition carrier, a rifle sling, eye and ear protection, and 350 rounds of rifle ammunition.

AR pistols are allowed in class but must have a third point of contact such as a blade or brace and must comply with all current ATF regulations. It is recommended that if you plan to bring an AR pistol with you, to also bring an AR platform rifle, as Vance Outdoors reserves the right to not allow AR pistols on the range at any time.

You will be expected to come to class with a securely mounted sighting system, whether that is iron sights, red dot, or scope. You will also need to have your sighting system zeroed to be on paper at 25yds. We will run a zero clinic the week prior at no extra cost to anyone signed up for the class.

There will be no full auto shooting allowed. Any/all Class III items must be accompanied by all appropriate ATF paperwork.

Available Dates Time  
11-13-2021 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM Sign up

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