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Preparing for the Fight Seminar

Preparing for the Fight Seminar

  • Price: $40.00

Vance Outdoors presents a seminar to help you understand what happens to the body under stress. Whether you are involved in an armed encounter, a simple fist fight or must speak in front of a group of people the body reacts to stress. This seminar will assist you in managing the outcome.

The course will include an introduction to the physiological aspects of survival. You will learn the three emotional responses to a survival situation: anxiety, fear and panic. You will understand the effects of pessimism and optimism on battle. The student will be introduced to the effect the fear of death has on survival. You will walk out with a winning mindset, whether you have a meeting with the boss, or are drawn into a fight for your life.

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04-29-2023 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Sign up

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