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Tac Rifle Level 1

  • Price: $150.00

This class will give you the skills you will need to run your tactical rifle (AR platform) for personal defense. Vance Outdoors’ law enforcement and military group of instructors will be leading this exciting Tactical Rifle Class. The instructors will be sharing their knowledge and experience on how to properly and proficiently get the platform to work for you. The lead instructor will be assisted by additional Vance Outdoors in-house instructors with over decades of experience running and instructing the AR rifle platform.

You will spend a full 10-hour day on the range becoming intimately familiar with your rifle, support equipment and gear. Properly setting up a rifle for reliable efficient operation under extreme and urban environments will be discussed and explained, including but not limited to optics, lights, lasers, stocks, grips and slings. There will be a review of support equipment and gear, and the modern tactical rifle/carbine, with emphasis on the AR platform rifle. You will be expected to come to this class with a securely mounted sighting system (basic iron sights, red-dot type optics or a scope), and your rifle at least “On-Paper” at 25-yards (75’). We will run a “Zero” Clinic about one week prior to the class date for any one that is unsure how to achieve the requirements above. This clinic will be at no cost to anyone that is registered for the Tac-Rifle Level-1 class. Failure to attend the “Zero” clinic is not an excuse to show up at the Tac-Rifle Level-1 class with a rifle not meeting the requirements above. We will get into shooting fundamentals, breathing, trigger management. We will quickly get into close quarters shooting drills and reloading drills, balance of speed, and accuracy drills. We will cover malfunction drills to efficiently get your rifle back into the fight if and when it does malfunction. We will then move into multiple target engagements, reaction drills, alternate shooting stances, and then basic shooting on the move drills.

The ammo count for this class will be approximately 400-rounds. Required equipment is a reliable AR or AK platform rifle, a minimum of three magazines, a rifle sling, a spare magazine carrier, and good quality hearing and eye protection. Optional equipment can include a hat, light gloves, knee pads, dump pouch, optics, sound suppression. No full automatic shooting will be allowed. Anyone running full auto guns, SBR’s and suppressers must have the appropriate paper work with them.

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