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Weaponcraft Wednesday: 5 Week Rifle Series

  • Price: $50.00

This is a series of five classes/events designed to help the individual improve and maintain their tactical rifle skills. Each consecutive session builds on the previous in the series. Completing the series will help the individual become a better trained, experience and well-rounded armed civilian, prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones. The fee for this class will be on a per session basis, being $50 per session, per individual. Range time and targets included, ammunition must be provided by the student. Average round count per session will be 150-rounds. Each session will be limited to 16-shooters. Although not required, it is highly recommended that the individual completes each session in consecutive order. Tactical Rifles chambered in 5.56mm, .223 caliber and standard pistol calibers are required for this class.

  • Week One - Mounting and Presentation
    Smoothness and economy of motion – properly mounting your rifle and getting on target quickly and efficiently. Instructors will discuss sling use, weapons accessories and sight picture.
  • Week Two - Reloads
    Do you run the gun or does the gun run you? Can you conduct smooth and efficient reloads as if your life depends on it?
  • Week Three - Malfunctions
    Murphy tells us that “Anything that can go wrong, will.” Are you prepared to identify a weapon stoppage, fix it and get back in the fight?
  • Week Four – Movement
    Threats rarely present themselves directly from the front. Can you effectively position yourself to engage those threats? This session introduces movement and how to react when the threat comes from the side or behind you. Understand and apply the fundamentals of how accuracy changes due to distance and movement. Techniques for moving and shooting in a 360-degree environment.
  • Week Five - Drills
    This session will be all drills to reinforce the skills learned in the first five sessions. Drills that will measure your performance, balancing speed and accuracy, the ultimate gunfighter achievement.
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