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Weaponcraft Wednesday: Pistol 2.0

Weaponcraft Wednesday: Pistol 2.0

  • Price: $25.00

Prerequisite: Full Series Weapon Craft Wednesday Pistol

Weapon Craft Wednesday Pistol 2.0 Series is a continuation of the WCW Pistol series with emphasis on furthering the skills learned by the shooter. While the original series’ main focus is on building good fundamentals, Pistol 2.0 will take several fundamentals and have shooters work on them at the same time, thus building an advanced shooter.

While it is not a requirement to take all sessions consecutively, it is highly recommended to take the series in sequence.

The price for each session is $25. Students will need a reliable pistol, strong side holster, spare magazines (we recommend at least 3), magazine carrier, sturdy belt, eye and ear protection, and 100 rounds of ammunition per session.

Week One: Single Hand Advanced
Single Hand in WCW Pistol introduces you to shooting with one hand, but advanced will add in how to reload and clear malfunctions using only one hand.

Week Two: Low Light
FBI statistics say that 85-90% encounters happen in no to low light conditions, let the instructors introduce you to the mechanics of working in an environment that is not conducive to seeing. A handheld light is required for this class and a weapon mounted light is optional.

Week Three: Target Identification
One of the four rules of firearm safety is to know your target and what is beyond. Target Identification will show you how to identify a threat while under stressful conditions.

Available Dates Time  
06-15-2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Sign up
06-22-2022 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Sign up

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