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Weaponcraft Wednesday: Rifle Series

Weaponcraft Wednesday: Rifle Series

  • Price: $25.00

The Weaponcraft Wednesday Rifle Series at Vance Outdoors is designed to help an individual improve and maintain good rifle skills by breaking down the fundamentals into bite size sessions over the course of several weeks rather than in one class. Each session will cover one aspect of the fundamentals of rifle shooting and each class will build upon the one before it. Which gives shooters more repetitions and practice on each part before moving on to the next skill. While it is not a requirement to take all sessions consecutively, it is highly recommended to take the series in sequence, especially if you plan on taking any class in the Rifle Series.

The price for each session is $25. Students will need a reliable rifle, strong side holster, magazine carrier, spare magazines (we recommend at lease 3), eye, and ear protection and 150 rounds of ammunition per session. AR pistols are allowed in class but must have a third point on contact such as a blade or brace and must conform to all current ATF regulations.

  • Week One: Mounting and Presentation
    How to get the rifle mounted into the shoulder properly and on target quickly and efficiently.
  • Week Two: Reloads
    One magazine may not be enough to stop a threat, so this session will work on conducting reloads in a smooth, and efficient manner.
  • Week Three: Malfunctions
    How to handle a situation when the gun goes ldquo;clickrdquo; instead of ldquo;bangrdquo; and get right back into the fight.
  • Week Four: Movement
    This session introduces movement and how to react when a threat comes from the side or from behind. It will give you techniques for ldquo;getting off the Xrdquo; and how to stay on target while moving.
  • Week Five: Drills
    This is a night to test yourself to see how far you have come from Week One and to see some drills that will help reinforce the skills learned from all of the sessions in this series. Drills will measure your performance, by balancing speed and accuracy.
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