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Shooting Range & Training Center

Vance Outdoors Shooting Range & Training Center introduces an entirely new experience for shooters in Central Ohio. The indoor facility provides superior firearm training and shooting capabilities for customers, from novice shooters to seasoned professionals.

Vance Outdoors Shooting Range in Obetz, Ohio.

Ohio's Most Advanced Indoor Shooting Range

24 Lane Gun Range

24 Shooting Lanes

All lanes are 75 feet in length. To reduce noise and distraction, the firing lanes are broken up into three separate bays: two rifle bays and one pistol bay. Two of our shooting lanes are also wheelchair accessible.

Indoor Range Meggitt Training System

Meggitt Training System

The shooting industry's first wireless, 360° turning target retrieval system. The comprehensive Meggitt Training System addresses a broad range of shooting proficiencies whether you're a first-time shooter, or a seasoned professional.

The touchscreen features both a basic and an advanced user interface to support your preferred course of fire. You can simply send your target downrange by pushing a single button, or you can access the advanced features for more reactive and decision-based shooting exercises. A variety of maneuvers can be programmed, allowing you to engage in an assortment of scenarios, helping to develop skill sets and to train more effectively at the shooting range.

Training Classroom

Training Classroom

Our large conference / classroom can host up to 100 people, or be divided into two separate classrooms for more personalized training sessions. Vance Outdoors offers a wide range of classes, from CCW to advanced firearm training, all taught by industry professionals.

Video on the Range

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