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Practical Concealed Carry

Practical Concealed Carry

  • Price: $75.00

Please Note: This class does not meet the Ohio requirement to obtain a Concealed Handgun License. If you are looking to get your CCW, please see our CCW class schedule.

Being a responsible armed citizen means more than just going through the class to get your permit. It also means knowing when and how to use the firearm you carry every day. Do you know how to get your firearm out and on target? Do you know the difference in the legal and moral implications of drawing your firearm? It can be confusing as to what your next steps might be so let Vance Outdoors’ instructors help disperse some of the confusion.

This practical carry class will cover topics not covered in some CCW classes. Topics like equipment choice, carry positions, and how to perform a draw stroke with and without the handgun being concealed. From there, instructors will be running the class through several scenarios, like being at a restaurant, seated in a vehicle, and interacting in a crowd. Ever wonder what you would do when put into a position where you needed to use your firearm? This is the class for you.

For this class you will need a pistol and on and/or off body carry options.

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