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Tac Rifle Level 2

  • Price: $150.00

Prerequisite is Tac-Rifle Level-1 or approved equivalent training

This class is our second level of Tac-Rifle training. The class is taught by the same staff you had in our Level-1 class, with maybe some additional help, from very well qualified instructors. We will add a few more skills to your “Skills Toolbox” such as weapon transitions (rifle to handgun and back), some low-light work and some more in-depth partner tactics. Then we take all of your skills and start putting them into good strong tactics. And, we will be increasing the ambient stress a little bit over your Level-1 class. So, be prepared to sweat a little and have your heart rate increased.

This class will be a full 10-hour day on the range. You are expected to show up with a rifle and gear set-up for this level of training. Specifically you should have a good securely mounted sighting system, whether it is basic iron sights, red-dot type optics or a scope. And, you should have a solid Battle Field Zero of your system. We will not be spending any time achieving battle field zero. You should have a rifle capable of running under these conditions, 300- 400 rounds without maintenance. Your gear should include your reliable AR or AK platform Rifle, at least three magazines, sighting system, a good tactical sling, magazine carrier(s) system, a hand held flashlight and a weapon mounted light is optional. You should have a good defensive style handgun, at least two magazines for the handgun, a holster and magazine carrier for the handgun, good quality eye and hearing protection. Optional equipment is gloves, knee and elbow pads, a hat, dump pouch, and always a tight necked tee-shirt is a good idea.

SBRs and sound suppressors are welcome. Although full auto guns are acceptable we will only allow very controlled 2 or 3 shot bursts. The instructor staff will determine if any full auto shooting is adequately controlled and will police it accordingly, without exception. Any/all Class-III items must be accompanied by all of the appropriate ATF paper work.

The ammo count for this class will be approximately 400-rounds. Remember we do not allow steel core bullets, steel cased or aluminum cased ammo. Please check your ammo before arriving.

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2018-11-1011-10-2018 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM Sold out

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