In 2002, the decision to create quality, yet affordable AR rifles was concocted by John, Jeff, Gretchen, and Stephanie. Since then, things have progressed. The nature of the firearms industry continues to evolve, however, CMMG's commitment to meed each and every day has not. Since their inception, CMMG has seen enormous growth every year.

Their customer service and product lineup continue to be second to none. All CMMG firearms and parts are made in the USA from the best materials available.

CMMG Dissent MK4 5.56mm AR Pistol with Tungsten Cerakote Finish and 6.5 Inch Barrel

  • $2,099.95 $1,999.99
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  • Brand: CMMG
  • Item Number: 55A938F-TNG

CMMG Thread Adapter, FNH PS90

  • $69.99
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  • Brand: CMMG
  • Item Number: 57DA53A

CMMG Mk47-T Mutant 7.62x39 Semi-Auto Rifle

  • Brand: CMMG
  • Item Number: 76AFC41

CMMG Resolute 100 MK4 350 Legend Rifle

  • Brand: CMMG
  • Item Number: 35A5F1C