How To Purchase A Firearm In-Store

In order to Purchase a Firearm at one of our Locations:

  • You will have to fill out a BATFE form 4473 1
  • Provide Government Photo Identification (must have current address)2
  • Handguns can only be purchased IN-Store by Ohio Residents over the age of 21, Out of state Residence may have the firearm Shipped to an FFL dealer in the Home area (transfer charges will apply).
  • Long Gun sales, can be made by any Ohio resident over the age of 18; out of state residents will vary by state of residence

  • 1 The Form is called in to the FBI NICS operation, there is a chance you will be delayed and not be able to take your firearm with you that day.
  • 2 If the ID is not current or has mistakes please obtain a Corrected one prior to coming in for your purchase.
  • 3 The Address on the Identification, form 4473, and utility bills must all match.