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Create Your Own Henry Rifle Heirloom

Choose your own personalized serial number

For a limited time between now and August 4th, 2024/strong>, you can choose your very own serial number on these select Henry Rifles. This is perfect gift for a loved one, or an heirloom to keep in your family to pass down for generations.

You can include your family's name in your serial number or use the birthdate of someone special to you. The choice of serial number is entirely yours!

Whether you already own a Henry rifle or haven't yet considered it, we believe this is a fantastic opportunity to customize your own firearm - a chance that manufacturers rarely offer.

How it works

Place your order anytime before August 4th, 2024.

These Henry rifles are made-to-order and are not currently in stock.

Choosing your serial number:

  • You can enter your personalized serial number during the checkout process.
  • There is a 12 Character Max-Limit - no dashes or spaces. Must be alpha-numeric (At least one letter and one number).
  • The ATF requires at least one numeric digit within the serial number.
  • The letter O is not permitted as part of a serial number. The number zero (0) is permitted, but must be combined with another numerical digit 1-9
  • If ordering more than one of the same model, please remember that each firearm must have its own unique serial number.
  • Please choose an acceptable second choice serial number. In the event that your first choice is unavailable, this will prevent any delays in making your firearm.
  • Important: All sales of Henry Heirloom rifle are final. Henry Heirloom models and serial number choices cannot be altered or modified once an order is placed with Henry. Please ensure that you select the correct model and provide 2 serial numbers in accordance with the above.

Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action .22 Compact Youth Heirloom Rifle

  • $360.00 $359.99
Special order

Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy Youth 22LR Heirloom Rifle

  • $605.00 $529.99
Special order

Henry Repeating Arms Golden Boy 22 Caliber Lever Action Heirloom Rifle

  • $589.00 $519.99
Special order

Henry Repeating Arms 22 Caliber Lever Action Heirloom Rifle

  • $360.00 $349.99
Special order