About Liberty Safe Delivery from Vance Outdoors

When you purchase a safe from Vance Outdoors, you're eligible to have your safe delivered to your home, courtesy of Walters Delivery.

After you have purchased a safe, we'll provide you with contact information for Walters Delivery. They will make every effort within reason to place your safe where you desire on your 1st or 2nd floor, or in your basement. They will identify any reasons that your safe can't be moved to a location you had planned on using.

Occasionally, with a larger safe, the molding strips on the inside of your door frame may have to be removed to allow entry of your safe. If you purchase a safe too large to fit through any part of the home, there will be a redelivery charge to return with another safe. If you decide not to purchase another safe, you'll be subject to a $175 restocking fee.

Most safes have minor blemishes or marks when they're shipped from the factory. We will not pay for reshipment of a safe with any of these small, minor defects. However, we understand that our customers should expect a safe that reflects the values of their purchase. We welcome you to inspect the safe you purchase at our store at the time of sale. We have an inspection sheet that we will have you fill out for us. Walters Delivery will also fill out an inspection sheet for us once he picks your safe up. Customers must take delivery of their safe within 30 days of the original purchase date.

Delivery Pricing

Model First Floor Basement
Fatboy 64, Franklin, Lincoln, Presidential & National Security Models. FREE Prices vary depending on size.
Centurion 12, 18, 24 $150 + $50
All 23 Models $150 + $50
Ammo Can, 20's, 24's $150 + $50
USA 30, Colonial 30 $180 + $50
FatBoy Jr., USA 48 $180 + $75
1776 - 64 $180 + $75
Colonial 50, 1776 - 50 $200 + $100

*Delivery area includes anywhere within a 25 mile radius of our 3 Vance Outdoors locations. Add $2.75 per mile for additional mileage beyond 25 miles.

Bolt Down Service: $50

Electrical Kit Install: $20