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Taser Auto Shut-Down Performance Power Magazine

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Product Description

  • The Auto Shut-Down Performance Power Magazine (APPM) is a modified TASER ECD battery which shuts down
  • the high voltage output of the ECD after 5 seconds and which also contains a built in speaker that alerts
  • the user to the impending shut down. The APPM provides an audible beeping alert for the last two seconds
  • of a trigger activated firing cycle before automatically shutting down the device. The APPM has no impact
  • on the functionality of the ARC switch. The APPM is available for use in the TASER X2 ECD only and is also available as an option for the new TASER CAM HD.
  • The APPM feature of the TASER CAM HD Auto Shutdown (AS) has no impact on video and audio recording; however the
  • audio alert will be captured on the recording and may distort any audio captured from the incident during the
  • duration of the audio alert. As long as the Safety switch is in the up (ARMED) position, the TASER CAM HD AS
  • will continue to capture your event.

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