Hi Point C9 9mm High-Impact Polymer Frame Pistol

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Product Description

What’s in the Box

  • Hi Point C9 Pistol
  • (1) 8 Round Magazine
  • Trigger Lock
  • Ghost Ring Sights
  • Sight Installation Instructions
  • Owner’s Manual

Hi-Point offers affordably-priced semi-automatic handguns in a range of the most popular calibers. Each is sized to assure a firm, comfortable grip and exceptional recoil control, and includes Hi-Point’s lifetime unconditional warranty. Hi-Point handguns are +P rated and accept all factory ammunition. Additionally, every Hi-Point handgun model features:

Hi Point pistols are illegal for sale in the states of Illinois and Minnesota due to "melting point" laws.

Firearm Features

  • Polymer frame
  • Durable, attractive easy-grip finish
  • Last round lock open
  • Quick on-off thumb safety
  • Operations safety sheet
  • +P rated
  • Free extra rear peep sight
  • Free trigger lock
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% American-made, parts and assembly

Firearm Specifications

  • Barrel length: 3.5 in.
  • Overall length: 6.75 in.
  • Weight: 29 oz.
  • Frame: High-impact polymer
  • Finish: Black powder coat
  • Capacity: 8-shot magazine standard
  • Sights: 3-dots fully-adjustable rear sight

Customer Comments

Customer Reviews

(3 out of 5) Good for the price
by from Columbus, Ohio on

Gun shoots good, its only jammed on me one time. Bought to have gun in house for defense, but since have gotten my concealed carry and the only real drawback to the highpoint is how heavy it is. There is no way to carry this gun comfortably.

(5 out of 5) highpoint 9mm
by from columbus, ohio on

very good gun will buy 45 next

(4 out of 5) Basic-No Nonsense 9MM
by from Columbus, OH on

This was a handgun purchased to have fun. I have 2 other 9MM pisols. It has had a small number of failure to feed FTF issues, but after additional cleaning and careful lubrication, these have dropped greatly. When broken in, I expect near 100 % reliability. These are made in Ohio and have a LIFETIME warranty. You can order 10 rd magazines in Ohio. Worth more than the price. NOTE: This is NOT a carry pistol, but reasonably accurate and reasonably reliable gun.

(3 out of 5) Decent first gun
by from Delaware, Ohio on

The C9 was my first handgun purchase. For as cheap as it is, it is not bad at all. Disassembly for cleaning isnt terribly bad once yu have done it once or twice. Had a few FTF when first took out to the range, but has not jammed at all since. Slide is easy to grip because it is so big, however, the slide size adds a lot of weight to the gun. Overall, Im happy with it for the 139 spent.

(4 out of 5) nice piece
by from Lima, Ohio on

This weapon feels good for a Hi Point. it shoots well although the factory sighting needs some tuning. The clip tends to hang up. But for the money it is a nice pistol.

(5 out of 5) Amazing Pistol for the Price
by from Groveport, OH on

I bought my C9 at the recommendation of a friend, thinking that, even if it sucks, its 140. I couldnt have been more wrong. I have put 1000 rounds through it and have had one FTF, and that one I did on purpose wondering how limp-wristing the weapon would affect the performance. I recently picked up the .45, and have 200 rds through it, and have had 2 FTFs. As an aside, I bought a Kimber .45 and had 8-10 FTFs in the first 300 rounds. These are not cheap guns, they are inexpensive guns. The quality is there, just not at the big name price.

(4 out of 5) Nice HandGun
by from howard, ohio on

The C9 9mm shot well right out of the box. Passed my CCW with the C9. Nailed the bullseye several times. Fired 150 rounds and had only one jam. Once I break the gun in I hope to have no jams. Great Gun for the price. Fired 9mm that cost a lot more and I did not like them as well as the Hi-Point C9 9mm. The grip fits the hand really well.

(5 out of 5) Great 9MM
by from Howard, Ohio on

The Hi-Point C9 9mm is a great hand gun. Hits the Bulls Eye at 20 feet 7 out 10 times. Have put over 1000 rounds through it and had only 1 jam. Have fired much more expensive 9mm and not near as nice or well made, and can beat the price.

(4 out of 5) Not bad gun for the price
by from marysville, ohio on

I bought this gun for conceal carry but not going to work for that. Its to heavy and a little bulky. But still a decent gun. Have had 2-3 FTF/ Jams in about 150 rds. Need something reliable, will keep looking..

(4 out of 5) luger c9
by from Heath, OHIO on

9mm gun works well. just bought the gun 3 days ago. have only fired it around 300 times this weekend and no FTF. Hand grip on it feels good, but the weight of the gun is a bit more than i anticipated. Shoots well. Hit the target with no problem. Bought it for home defense and in my opinion works well for what it is needed for. Recoil on the c9 is not bad at all. I will use it to get my CCW. Very easy to use and i would recommend it.

(0 out of 5) HP .C9
by from Grove city, Ohio on

Went to Vances today. Out of stock,put deposit down.cant wait tell it comes in.

(4 out of 5) Satisfied
by from Columbus, Oh on

At first, I had a lot of failure to feeds. After a good lube job and only putting 5 rounds in the magazine, it performs as well as more expensive guns. It is bulky and heavy so not so good for concealing but is great at the range. I would buy another.

(4 out of 5) Better Than Expected
by from Gahanna, Ohio on

Read all the reviews before I bought. The gun operates better than expected or reported. It is heavy but maybe that contributes to the low kick.

(5 out of 5) My c9
by from COLUMBUS OH., Ohio on

I got the gun becouse of the price even though I heard some things about it jaming all the time ,but was suprised it was fairly dependable I find if you use the 115 or the 124 grain rounds it works its the slide as heave as it is you need a hot load

(5 out of 5) My c9
by from COLUMBUS OH., Ohio on

I got the gun becouse of the price even though I heard some things about it jaming all the time ,but was suprised it was fairly dependable I find if you use the 115 or the 124 grain rounds it works its the slide as heave as it is you need a hot load

(5 out of 5) Just awesome!
by from College Station, Texas on

I have other much more expensive 9mm handguns. I bought this one for fun hey! for $150 theres nothing to lose. This is a great fun gun to shoot. Amazingly accurate, you will impress other people at the range with their $1500 gun. I hate when people complain about how heave it is, Its a blow back! for crying out loud! it needs to be heavy!

(4 out of 5) 15 years
by from Columbus, Ohio on

I purchased this gun almost 16 years ago for personal protection then we had kids and moved to a neighborhood with less foot traffic so I stored it and never took it out to shoot. After 15 and 1/2 years and cheap ammo that was also almost 16 years old. I finally took it to a range never fired before that it jammed once my fault I put 200 rounds in with 2 clips 7 rounds in each clip. I love this weapon.

(5 out of 5) Very Surprized!
by from Chillicothe, OH on

I got the C-9 from Vance Outdoors today. I bought it because they had a super deal at $109.80, the first I have seen it that low. I've wanted one for a while just to have one. I've read all the reviews and heard a lot of bad stuff about the gun. I thought for the price, I'll try it myself. I was very surprised! Out of the box I put a little oil onto the slide through accessible areas and worked the slide a few times. I shot 50 Federal 115gr FMJ and 50 Rem UMC 115gr FMJ with no problems. The gun ate it up. Fired every round and fed the next. In the instructions for the gun written in bold red letters, it reads: USE ONLY JACKETED AMMUNITION. The accuracy seems a little off, but it might be me being used to M&Ps. The rear sight is adjustable and changeable, so I might play with that little, or maybe practice more because it is a heavier gun. The grip feels real good in my hand. I have larger hands, I wear an XL size glove. I like the grip. Someone with smaller hands may not. Over all I am very pleased with The C-9 and Vance Outdoors.

(5 out of 5) Hi-Point C9
by from Sunbury, ohio on

OK, well instead of listening to all the complaints about the Hi-Point I decided to buy one and find out for myself. WOW I was impressed. The new C9 shot 200 rounds 4 boxes right out of the box without any problems. It actually shot very accurate.
 There's something about the ugly duckling I like. Yes, it's a little heavy, but that helps with the recoil. I'm going to keep shooting without cleaning to see how long I can go before any issues. I must say I'm glad I purchased the C9. 

(5 out of 5) Inexpensive, not cheap
by from Upper Arlington, Ohio on

I bought this gun on a whim, I mean it was$150.00. Took it to the range, fired 50 rounds in it and was scratching my head...trying hard to find something wrong, but I couldn’t! Yeah it’s not pretty, it’s heavy and not ideal to conceal carry but this gun fires true and after 5 years, still no jams. Nice feeling to know I have a reliable home defense gun. Highly recommend

(5 out of 5) very underrated
by from dayton, texas on

We use Hi Point pistols and I will go heads up with any other brand without any one shooting it. thousands of round..no jams..I have never stripped my .40 jcp to clean. I even threw it loaded in myd and sand n a beanch..stepped in it . picked it up..drained n wiped off.. 11 fast as I could pull trigger...

(5 out of 5) 2001
by from Findlay, Oh on

I bought one in 2001 and I have put over 5000 rounds through it. A few hiccups here and there but I would use it with confidence, if need be. 22 years and I’m am buying a new one…for no other reason than "Why not?"

(3 out of 5) Good gun
by from Obetz, OH on

I've owned the 9mm version of this. It's heavy and ugly but has gone bang every time I've shot it and have put 300+ rounds through it. Many people look down on it but Its a great truck gun and if it gets stolen you don't have a lot of money invested. Are there better guns? Sure but this is a good weapon.

(5 out of 5) Great Value
by from Reynoldsburg, Ohio on

Great value. It works very well for what it's designed for. It works, and it's simple to use.