Knight And Hale Hecklin` Howler Coyote Call

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Product Description

The most user-friendly coyote call on the market, the Hecklin’ Howler consistently delivers unmatched volume and realism using less air pressure. Even the novice caller can get great results with Knight & Hale’s Hecklin’ Howler Coyote Call, which lets you generate the most realistic coyote howls, yips and barks you’ve ever heard with ease. No more dealing with the inconsistencies of open-reed designs; just blow into its proprietary Blasting Chamber and prepare to be amazed. Locate and call coyotes in close with lifelike predator sounds and booming volume that will fool even the wariest song dog—and won’t leave you red in the face.



  • Revolutionary Blasting Chamber design makes it easy to blow
  • Consistently delivers perfect barks, howls, yelps and yips
  • Extra-loud and super-realistic
  • The easiest-to-use coyote call on the market

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