Mossberg 88 Special Purpose 12 Gauge Shotgun

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Product Description

What’s in the Box

  • Mossberg 88 Special Purpose Shotgun
  • Cable Lock
  • Owner’s Manual

Known as the workhorse by those who spend their weekends in the field or at the range, the Maverick has established an enviable reputation. Affordable hunting, and security shotguns known around the world for performance and value.

Firearm Specifications

  • Gauge: 12 GA
  • Barrel Length: 20”
  • Capacity: 8
  • Chamber Size: 3”
  • Overall Length: 41”
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Stock: Black Synthetic
  • Barrel Finish: Blued
  • Sights: Bead
  • Chokes: Cylinder Bore
  • Length of Pull: 14.5”

Customer Comments

Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5) Good Shotgun
by from Grove City, Ohio on

I like the the feel and design of this shotgun. Very comfortable to handle. It is not rifled but it is accurate at short to medium range. Easy to get on-target and hold it. I have been putting 3 slugs through it and it kicks like a mule but that is more the shells than the gun. As I recommend this gun with a five-star, remember everything must be used for the proper use.

(5 out of 5) Best in show for the dough!
by from Columbus, Ohio on

You just won't find a better pump-action for $250 or less brand-new, not unless you really hunt around for a while. I'd recommend a softer butt pad if you're going for a range day with this. It's very light and manageable, but will beat your shoulder up running 12G 00 Buck shot. Any shotgun will.

(4 out of 5) A MUST BUY
by from Lithopolis, OHIO on

Didn't give 5 stars as I felt badly for those who paid thousands of dollars for their home defense shotgun. Yes, I know it is NOT a semi-auto, yes, it is only $200 and YGWYPF, but given these shortcomings, this SG is an amazing buy for what it do and its use as a home defense gun. I put the pistol grip on it that it comes with and although its harder to handle this way, its shorter line in smaller spaces makes it worth doing. Clean throws on re-loads, lighter weight and shorter line w pistol grip, a SG to own as primary or secondary back-up. A no brainier purchase.

(5 out of 5) Great performance can be affordable!
by from Columbus, Ohio on

I upgraded to this model from an H&R Pardner Pump. The thing weighed a metric ton, but worked well. This is significantly lighter, and boasts an impressive 7 shell capacity with 2 3/4 standard size shells. Can accept 3 inch magnums! Performs excellently. I trust my home to it. You could, too.

(1 out of 5) Spend more get better
by from Galloway, Ohio on

I bought one of these took it home shells would not come out of mag tube. took it back all three other Mavericks at store had same issue I would recommend spending a couple more dollars and getting something better. I ended up with a 500. And I wanted thus gun to work so bad. I wanted two of them honestly. And would have bought two. But not sure they can be trusted

(4 out of 5) Buyer Be Aware
by from Granville, Ohio on

I did purchase the Mossberg 88 brand new from Vance and it had a feeding problem where the shells were not entering into the chamber. I have some skills with weapons so I took it apart and found one of the metal feeding arms that most cheaper shotguns have was bent. I straightened it and never had a problem since. It hasn't been the first faulty weapon that I've had brand new, but it did require a little fixing.

(5 out of 5) Best bang for buck.
by from LONDON, Ohio on

I really like this gun. Put it through somewhat of a torture test putting 200 rounds through it right away. Also it holds 8 plus one Wich I thought was awesome. Thanks

(5 out of 5) Excellent performance for the money
by from Marietta, Ohio on

Since Remington has gone through some recent bad times, I shifted my shotgun needs to Mossberg for a change. After purchasing a Maverick 88, I can't complain about the money spent. The Maverick 88 got its name from its birthplace Maverick County, Texas, and the year, 1988 when production of the Maverick 88 began. My 88 has gone thru numerous range times using slugs, buckshot, and trap loads. No failures to feed and the shotgun shoots point-of-aim. Trigger pull is 5.75# using a manual trigger pull scale. The great thing about the 88 is one can rebuild the internal parts without the use of a gunsmithing tool. A screwdriver is only needed if you need to remove the ejector. The rest of the parts come out by hand. I spray my 88 down with Barricade spray and have yet to see any rust develop. The 88 is a great shotgun for basic needs such as home defense, range practice, and hunting. MCARBO online sells a trigger pack to reduce the trigger pull.

(4 out of 5) It’ll do the job.
by from Columbus, Ohio on

First: the review stating this shotgun is 8+1 is incorrect, the magazine tube capacity is 7 shells of 2.75” length. I haven’t checked capacity of 3” shells. So the listing is correct, this shotgun can hold 8 rounds if the magazine tube is fully loaded plus a shell in the chamber. Second: the pump forearm has more “play” to it than I would like from a home defense shotgun. Cylinder bore, this isn’t a hunter. The steel arms holding the forearm in place feel loose and almost flexible. In a tactical middle-of-the-night intruder situation the last thing I want is for my shotgun to fail to feed due to a faulty mechanism. Four stars for quality, because I know what I paid for this and that’s how that goes. If I wanted undeniable quality I’d have bought an Ethos but I don’t have that kind of money. I’ve got Maverick 88 money. Four stars for performance because I’ve had a Maverick 88 in the past and I know it functions well. It’ll do the job. Five stars for the overall experience. I bought this online on Sunday, and by Tuesday it was ready to pick up. Can’t beat that.

(5 out of 5) Great shotgun
by from columbus, oh on

I've owned 500 series Mossbergs many times over the years. Some complaints about them. Hate the 500 safeties. My 535s all dropped the last shell out onto the ground nearly every time no matter how you shucked the pump. Very annoying. Got an 88 last year because it was all they had in stock at the time that I was willing to pay for. Absolutely love the 88. Far more than any of my 500s I've had over the years. Going over this week to pick up the one they have in stock just to have another reliable 12 gauge.

(5 out of 5) Great Gun
by from Lancaster, Ohio on

I have owned this shotgun for years now. It is my go-to for home defense and for teaching the kids how to shoot. It never lets me down.