Taser Digital Power Magazine (For X26 Only)

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Product Description

Digital Power Magazine (DPM).

The Digital Power Magazine is much more than just a lithium energy cell power supply system for the X26. In addition to the lithium energy cells that power the X26, the DPM also contains an onboard memory chip that maintains a record of the remaining power level in the DPM. The DPM memory also contains specific information of energy cell performance and life expectancy for the energy cell pack at various temperatures and for various loads. The X26 keeps track of how much the various features of the weapon are affecting the energy cell life and updates the memory in the DPM accordingly. The battery percentage indicated is a calculated value and not a direct reading of the battery voltage.

Do not store the DPM anywhere that the gold contacts on the top of the DPM may touch metal objects. If you cause an electrical short between these contacts, it will drain the lithium energy cells, but the DPM will continue to show 99% power. The power level indicator only registers power consumed by the X26. If you short-circuit the DPM, the DPM will malfunction and the energy lost during the short circuit will not be registered or tracked in the DPM.

The DPM also contains memory that can update the X26 device software, and add extended warranties to the X26. The X26 must be stored with DPM/XDPM inserted at all times. If the DPM/XDPM is left out for an extended period of time, software in the X26 may be damaged resulting in possible failure of the device and the date/time may be reset.

The DPM has enough power for approximately 195 five-second firings depending on temperature. The DPM will use more energy in colder weather than warm weather.

Due to our contract with Taser we can only sell non-civilian models and accessories to sworn Law Enforcement (L.E.) officers, in the state of Ohio. Proper documentation must be supplied along with order number prior to shipping.

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