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NEW! Mathews V3X

Jordan talks about the ALL NEW 2022 Mathews V3X 29 & 33. He covers all the new features added and goes over the specs for both models.

Lacrosse AeroHead Sport - Product Highlight

Lacrosse Rep. Pete Horn explains the features of the AeroHead Sport. This boot is available with 3.5mm & 7mm Insulation. The 3.5mm would be a great early season boot & the 7mm would be great for late-season hunts.

Christensen Arms | DEER Rifle Build - Part 01

Andrew goes over the Christensen Arms Ridgeline rifle he plans to use on a deer hunt this fall. Then mounts the Vortex Optics Razor HD LHT scope to the rifle.

350 Legend DEER Rifle - Part 01 (Mounting Scope)

Andrew talks about the Savage AXIS 350 Legend & NEW Vortex Crossfire II Straight-Wall BDC 3-9x50mm Scope. Stay tuned for PART 02, where we head to the range and sight in this rifle.

AMEND2 S300 Hybrid Grip Module - Installation

Andrew covers the new S300 Hybrid Grip Module from AMEND2. This new grip module allows you to take your existing P320 Compact or Full-Size slide assembly and run P365 mags. Giving you ultimate concealability.

XS Sights - R3D Night Sights / INSTALLATION

In this video, Andrew installs a set of XS R3D Night Sights to a range pistol. A huge thank you goes out to XS Sights for donating these Night Sights.

TIMNEY Alpha Gen 3-4 Trigger - Installation

In this video, Andrew talks about the factory Glock trigger & goes through the process of installing a Glock Gen 3-4 Alpha Competition trigger from TIMNEY.

New Product Highlight - Duke Cannon

In this video, Don highlights some of the new products we have from Duke Cannon.

Hunting Product Highlight - Scent Control

It's the perfect time to stock up on scent control products.

Hunting Product Highlight - Broadhead Selection

We are just about a week away from archery season here in Ohio. So if you're not quite ready and need some broadheads, this video is for you!!

TETHRD Menace Kit - Overview / What's in the BOX

In this video, Jordan covers the MENACE Saddle Kit from TETHRD.


Jordan covers what you need to start saddle hunting. Plus, some of the accessories that will help keep you comfortable for those all-day sits.