Liberty Explorer 26 Safe with Textured Finish and E-Lock

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Product Description

Liberty’s new Explorer 26 gun safe is the perfect “Goldilocks” option for an enhanced-security, fire-resistant safe to protect your guns and other valuables.

The Explorer is the ideal-sized safe in which to secure a new or growing firearm collection, with just the right amount of features: everything you need, and nothing you don’t. For newer families, newer gun owners, and new homeowners, the Explorer is the ultimate introductory safe, but with space and features to last a lifetime, and is a huge upgrade from keeping your guns and valuables in a locked closet or those flimsy “lockable metal cabinets” (which are basically worthless).

The Explorer features purposeful, understated, and attractive looks, a modular gray 3-IN-1 Flex™ interior with a capacity of up to 26 long guns (plus lots of room for handguns and other smaller valuables), and its sleek and stylish black chrome handle makes the Explorer quick to open and quick to lock securely, with hardened 1” steel locking bolts all around. It even features A fast and convenient SecurRam® toplit EMP-resistant electronic lock (usually a $99 upgrade)!

The affordable and versatile Explorer boasts a respectable UL-listed fire protection rating of 45 minutes at 1200º F, with a proven Palusol™ expanding fire seal to protect the interior against heat, smoke, and even water entry via the door joint.

  • 45 minutes of fire protection
  • Palusol fire seal to protect against heat and smoke
  • Solid steel 14-gauge body
  • Gray adjustable 3-IN-1 FlexTM interior
  • Door storage panel
  • SecuRam toplit electronic lock
  • Black chrome single-lever drop handle
  • 4 active 1′′ bolts on the open side, 4 fixed 1′′ bolts on the hinge side

Product Specifications

  • Imported safe built to Liberty's specs
  • Liberty's lifetime warranty
  • SecuRam toplit electronic lock
  • (8) locking bolts
  • 45 Minutes at 1200º F
  • 344 lbs.
  • Ext. Dimension (H x W x D): 56" x 26" x 20"

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